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0 to 60 in 30 Seconds.. On the Road to Vinitaly, 2010.

Last week my Dad asked me if I'm excited over our trip to this year’s Vinitaly. "Get ready to not sleep for a week," he proclaimed. As this will be my first experience of it, the scope of Vinitaly continually expands in my (admittedly vivid) mind’s eye - I'm seeing it as a tangled maze of suit jackets, booming-tenor Italian, and acres of spit buckets. "And,” he asserted, “you’d better promise not to complain."

Arguing over my propensity towards sleep is nothing new between us. We’ve already battled over this in Italy in the past, given I really enjoy sleep the way he enjoys soccer; and how his rigorous travel schedules invariably rack in more mileage than the Romanian truck drivers who criss-cross the Fruilian border.

But to vow not to complain? Not that I need to constantly, but I tend to keep the option to in my back pocket, considering the company that I keep. Similar to the way I make an on-line dinner reservation while running out the door, it’s something I like to have just to fall back on, even if my journey takes me elsewhere.

At the prospect of tasting however many terrific wines, you can bet I bit my tongue and agreed. And so, I’ve banked up my sleep reserves and prepared for the worst – and unquestionably, the best.

The soft kick-off of my tour was, I am not ashamed to admit, the Merlot-Cabernet from Couleurs du Sud, courtesy of Air France. Think what you will, it is Pays d'Oc, and I maintain is better than much of what I've sampled at whatever wine bars I’ve stumbled into in Los Angeles, a city that has backed me into it's corner of ‘artisan-made’ cocktails. Thankfully, this wine also soothed me into more sleep.

But be not alarmed, Vinifera-philes, for the tour’s hard kick-off wine is far more impressive. My LA/Paris flight puts me in Venice just in time for dinner. At a local trattoria, I peer over my Dad's shoulder at the wine list, eager for something local, and almost pull the book from his hands as I decry, "Why are you in the Tuscany section?!" Good thing he was, as from it we sampled a 1995 Madonna del Piano Brunello from Valdicava.

 You can bet I slept like a baby, waking only once at four in the morning at a rooster’s multiple crows, with back-up snarled by a creature that sounded like a cross between a tropical bird and a cheetah. Rather than be alarmed, I rolled over and slept even more.

Right now I am the best rested I've been in ages, rolling along in our car’s back seat on the way to Verona. With this energy surplus I will do my best to bring you all the pics + stories I can comb out of this week, and will post them as quick as the frenetic schedule allows me. Enjoy!





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